Am I eligible?

You can apply for the program if:

  • You are a native English speaker or fluent in English
  • You have lots of experience working with children
  • You're 18-30 years old
  • You can be at camp no later than June 20th and stay for at least 8-10 weeks

You can still apply if you're 17, but you must turn 18 before 1st June 2022. If you meet those requirements and are looking for an amazing experience this summer, then apply here!

What skills and/or experience do I need to have?
The most important skills are that you're great with kids, lots of fun, and up for the challenge. You should have experience working with children, but it doesn't ned to be formal teaching experience. You should also have a specialised skill that you can teach, because most counselors are hired as activity instructors. For a list of common activities that you could specialise in, please click here.
can I still apply if I can't commit to ten weeks of work?
Yes. Some placements last 8 weeks, but at a minimum you'll need to be free from June 20th to August 6th. Keep in mind that the more time you can commit, the more likely your chance of getting hired.
I have a criminal conviction, am I eligible?
Unfortunately not.

Visa Information

What is my visa?
You'll travel to America on a J1 Camp Counselor visa. This will entitle you to work in an American summer camp and then travel across the country for up to 30 days, but keep in mind that you can't work during the 30 day travel period.
What is a DS-2019 form?
A DS-2019 form is your cultural exchange visa paperwork, which shows your eligibility for a J-1 visa. We'll provide you with this form.
What is SEVIS?
SEVIS stands for the Student Exchange Visitor Information System used by the U.S. Department of State. It tracks everyone travelling to the U.S. on an exchange visa. Don't worry - it's easy to apply for and we'll provide you with a receipt to show you've paid the fee.

Travel Restrictions & Refunds

What is your refund policy (Booking promise) if I book now?

Your deposit is protected for life and you can use your deposit payment against any other programme. Deposit amounts vary by programme and you should refer to your programme specific conditions. Your deposit has no cash value, is non-refundable and only one lifetime deposit can be used per person per product booked. Your deposit will be deemed utilised if you have received any of your pre-departure programme inclusions (including but not limited to visa assistance and applications and pre-arranged job services).


If your programme destination closes its border and you are prevented from travelling within 12 months of your initial booking date due to any of the reasons below, you will have the option of a refund (less any third party fees) or to transfer your booking:

• Full border closure or restrictions due to a pandemic, that prevents holders of the visa you hold entering the destination country.

• Visa applications cannot be made due to closures or restrictions of appropriate Embassies, VAC centres or online portals due directly to a pandemic

• Visas are not being approved due to pandemic related travel restrictions.

Please note: If any of the above reasons apply to your J-1 USA Summer booking (J-1 Camp Counselor or Summer Work & Travel), the booking guarantee will only apply if you are prevented from travelling by July of the summer of your booked programme.

3rd Party Fees that are exempt from our booking guarantee & may not be refundable in the following circumstances:

• Insurance

• SEVIS Fee: If your DS-2019 has been issued. (In the case of US J-1 Programmes)

• US Embassy Fee: If your US Embassy appointment has been booked and you have/ or have not attended. (In the case of US Programmes)

• Government visa costs: If your visa application has been processed & submitted to the relevant government authority or licenced migration agent. (Canada, Australia, or New Zealand programmes for example)

• Police Checks: Where required cannot be refunded after submission.

• Travel costs: We are not responsible for flight or other travel & transport related costs that are purchased separately and advise the purchase of cancellation insurance.

• Medical costs: We are not responsible for any medical costs incurred whether Covid related, or not & participants should ensure they have sufficient travel insurance before departing.

• Accommodation costs: We are not liable for any such costs that are purchased separately to the programme.

• Miscellaneous: Anything other than the products & programmes purchased directly from us, regardless of its relevance to the participants intended plans on the programme, the participant is responsible for these costs & should ensure they are aware of Covid related terms & conditions on such additional purchases.


Normal terms and conditions will apply and you will not be covered under the booking guarantee if any of the following apply to your booking:
• You test positive for a pandemic related illness before your departure. Trip cancellation Insurance cover is recommended to cover this

• If you decide to postpone your trip when your destination border and visa routes remain open and permitted

Your work or internship placement dates cannot be moved, or you fail to secure replacement work or internship placement


Our staff members and our partner service providers work to service customers in a timely, and considerate manner. You are expected to treat staff members dealing with your booking in a reciprocal manner. Any behaviour deemed unrespectful or aggressive towards staff members will not be tolerated and we reserve the right to cancel any customers from their booked programme without a refund should they act in a way deemed hostile towards our staff members.

Programme Application

What is the application process?
You can apply by clicking here. After filling in the form, you'll be prompted to pay your programme deposit. We'll contact you shortly for a brief phone interview, and you'll receive a link in your email to the full application. You'll need to complete your application within 2 weeks, or as soon as you can and then we'll arrange a time for an interview. Keep in mind to put a bit of time into your application or feel free to ask us for help along the way. We are here to guide you through to get a place on the programme
What is the application deadline?
There are limited places, so the sooner you apply the better your chances of getting a placement. If you are in a position to apply by Nov/Dec/Jan then you will increase your chances of getting hired earlier but don't worry if you are not ready to book just yet, keep in touch with us and make sure to attend a Camp USA information session to help you decide on the right work experience next summer.
What are the programme dates?
For the best chance of placement, you should try and make yourself available for as long as possible. We strongly recommend late May to late August. The more flexible you are the better your chance of receiving a placement.
When do I know if I've been accepted onto the programme?
We'll let you know if you have been accepted onto our programme after the interview.
I've been accepted into the programme. Am I guaranteed a placement in a camp?
No. After we accept you onto the programme, you'll need to interview with a camp and be hired by them directly.
How long after I apply will I hear about my placement?
You can be placed with a camp at any point up until June 30th, 2021. Don't worry if you don't hear from a camp right away, it's normal for a participant to be hired anywhere between a few days to a few months after being accepted onto the programme.
What happens after I'm hired?
We will assist you with all aspects of the visa process as you will have to attend a mandatory Interview with the US Embassy to get your visa issued. Then shortly before you leave for the summer, there's a mandatory pre-departure orientation to make sure that you are fully prepared . This may be done online or in person, the details of this will be confirmed April/May 2021.
When do I leave for camp?
You'll leave sometime between May 25 and June 25. Your departure for camp will depend on your camp contract dates, but is generally in mid-June.

Summer Camps

What kind of camp will I be working at?
The majority of placements are in traditional camps, which could be co-ed or have only female or male campers. All-girls and all-boys camps will usually have both male and female counselors, and often a brother or sister camp nearby. Depending on your preferences and skills, you could also work at a specialty camp, special needs camp, or camp for disadvantaged youth. You should be as open-minded about your camp as possible.
Where are the camps located?
The camps are all across the United States, with most of them located in New England. New England is a region in the North East coast of the US, and some states include Maine, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont.
What can I wear at camp?
Be sure to always look presentable, with no visible tattoos or piercings. Each camp will have its own policy regarding appropriate clothing at camp. Keep in mind you'll be running around with kids all day!
Will I have any time off?
Yes. Each camp organises time off differently. You will have an average of one day off a week, as well as time off during each day and one or two evenings off during the week. But remember, even if you have a day off, the likelihood is you will be sleeping with campers in your room/dorm, and you will be responsible for them in the evenings.
Can I smoke or drink at camp?
No! If you're caught smoking or drinking on camp property or if you're intoxicated, you'll likely be fired, sent home immediately and required to pay full programme fees (up to $1,700).
Will I get paid?

Yes, all of our Camp USA participants will earn up to $2,000 for Summer 2022 regardless of your age, camp location, position at Camp or if it’s your first time participating on a Camp programme.

If you are returning to your camp from last year or secure your own placement, you will negotiate your salary directly with the camp.

Counselors who are hired as senior staff sometimes receive additional pocket money at the discretion of the camp.

Do I pay for my food and accommodation?
No. Room and board is provided by the camp.

USIT Programme

How much does it cost?
Click here to see a breakdown of costs.
What's included?
  • J1 Camp Counselor Work Authorisation Document DS-2019
  • Placement at a high-quality, accredited summer camp in the US based on the needs of the camp and your unique skills and experience
  • Insurance
  • Pocket money at the end of camp - up to $2,000
  • Food & Accommodation at Summer Camp
  • Full training at camp with fellow international and American counselors to get you ready for your campers
  • 24/7 in-country support for peace of mind while you're in the US!
  • A pre-departure orientation in Ireland in order to prepare you for a successful experience in the US
Are there any other costs?
Yes, in addition to the programme fee, you'll be responsible for getting a medical and scheduling an interview with the US Embassy. You are also responsible for cost of your flights to & from the USA.
What does my insurance cover?
Your insurance covers medical, dental, travel, and life insurance for your work period. Please refer to the "Insurance" section of your participant handbook for full details of coverage.
What if I get Coronavirus while I am at Camp USA? Will I be covered by insurance?
Our Medical Insurance includes cover for Coronavirus (COVID-19) should you contract it while in the USA. American Camps are well set up to manage any quarantine situations should it arise. If you are experiencing any symptoms prior to your departure please contact the HSE.ie for more information.
I have a problem at camp. Who should I ask for help?
You should ask your immediate supervisors or your camp director first, as they are in the best position to provide assistance. If this doesn't result in a solution, call your sponsor for assistance. We don't recommend contacting friends or family in your home country as it's very difficult for them to help from so far away.
I have a family emergency and need to return home immediately. What do I do?
Call your sponsor immediately for assistance.
I have to leave camp before the end of my contract. What happens now?
Call your US sponsor immediately to explain the situation and why you need to leave camp. You will be responsible for any costs that would have otherwise been paid by your camp.
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